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As a participant in the Massachusetts Laborers' Pension Fund, you can earn a retirement benefit that will provide you with a monthly income when you stop working at retirement age (normal retirement age is 62). This benefit is based on contributions made to the Pension Fund by your employer on your behalf. You are not required (or allowed) to contribute to the Fund.

This site contains important information about the Pension Plan, how it works, forms and resources you'll need, and a checklist of life events that can impact your pension benefit. If you are thinking about retiring, contact the Fund Office to find out how to apply for your Pension benefits.


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Check here to see what types of changes qualify as a "life event" and how they may affect your benefit.


Use this section to locate the required forms and resources associated with the Pension Fund. For best results first download the form to your PC and then open the form on your PC.


Have a question? Check here first for the answer or contact the Fund Office for additional information.

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This information is intended only to provide highlights of the plans. In the event of any inconsistency between the information on this Web site and the official plan document, the terms of the official plan document, as interpreted by the Board of Trustees in its sole discretion, will control. All examples and projections included on this Web site are not a guarantee of future benefits under the plans. The benefit amounts are estimates only, based on the stated assumptions and are subject to change.

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