4 lifestyle changes to reduce your cancer risk

Published On: November 8, 2022

Almost every family has been affected by cancer in some way. Most of us know someone who has battled the disease, or you may even be a survivor. Simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference. Here are four lifestyle changes you can make to keep your health on track.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet and weight. You don’t have to cut sugary treats from your diet forever, but eating a healthy share of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is important.
  2. Protect yourself from the sun. Skin cancer is one of the most common but preventable forms of cancer. Wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30, reapply regularly when swimming or being active, and wear clothing that covers your skin and protects you from the sun’s rays.
  3. Avoid tobacco products. Smoking increases your risk of developing lung cancer and cancer of the mouth, throat, bladder, pancreas, and kidney. Avoid cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products as much as possible.
  4. Get regular medical care. Regular doctor’s appointments and health screenings can help catch cancer before it becomes more difficult to treat.

With these tips, you can minimize your risk and lead a healthier lifestyle overall.