How to support a loved one with substance use disorder

Published On: April 24, 2024

Substance use disorder is a difficult challenge to face. Many people feel isolated as they navigate the reality of this illness. Offering your support to loved ones can help them find the path to recovery. But what are the best ways to offer your support?

  • Identify an appropriate time and place to talk with your loved one. Consider a private setting with limited distractions, such as at home or on a walk.
  • Express your concerns and be direct. Ask how they are feeling and describe the reasons for your concern.
  • Show compassion by acknowledging their feelings and listening without judgment. Focus on their thoughts and feelings rather than interrupting with your own.
  • Offer to help. Share your willingness to help locate treatment services and connect them with a program that works for them.
  • Be patient. Continue to offer a listening ear and willingness to help.

Being there for someone and showing that you care can help them take the first step toward recovery.