5 Ways to Fuel Your Body for Health & Energy

Published On: August 22, 2023
No matter whether it’s on the job site, at home with family, or out with friends, life is better when you have energy and feel healthy. And all of that starts with making smart decisions about treating your body.
To get you started, here are 5 easy ways to fuel your body for health and energy:
  1. Eat a balanced diet — Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet will give you more energy and keep you healthy for the long run. An easy place to start is just by adding fruits and vegetables to your regular routine. Then step it up by prepping your own meals for the week to make intentional decisions about your diet (and save some money while you’re at it!). Finally, look for places where you can upgrade your current go-to dishes for healthier options without giving up your favorite foods.
  1. Get 7-9 hours of sleep — Sleep has a major impact on how much energy you have every day, and not getting enough sleep can contribute to high blood pressure, stress, and other health complications. Make sure to get at least 7 hours every night.
  2. Exercise regularly — You might feel tired right after you finish a workout, but exercising regularly will give you more energy every day. Make a weekly schedule to go to the gym, go for a run, or play your favorite sport. And even if you’re already doing heavy lifting on the job site, add in some physical activities you enjoy for a well-rounded routine.
  3. Limit or avoid substances — Drugs, smoking, and excessive alcohol hurt your energy level, pose long-term health risks, and are tough to quit, so it’s best to avoid them if you can. And if you or a family member is struggling with substance addiction or dependence, the Laborers Escaping Addiction Now (LEAN) program can help: 1-844-423-LEAN.
  4. Get personalized health coaching — Our Health Coach Kristin Woodruff works with LiUNA members and their families every day to stay healthy, overcome injuries, and manage illnesses. Whether you’re just getting started, have questions, or ready to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, Kristin can give you personal coaching. Give her a call at 781-272-1000 ext. 577.