Don’t Reset the Clock on Old Debt

Published On: May 31, 2023

We’ve all been there. Sometimes we fall behind on credit card or loan payments. You might get a call from a debt collector and think it’s a good idea to make a payment. But if this debt is old, you should call Legal Services before you pay!

Every debt has a different story, and the question of whether or not you should pay off a debt can be complicated. Sometimes a creditor can no longer sue you to collect an old debt.

Collectors can still contact you to collect the debt, but be careful before you take any action. Making a payment or entering a payment plan on old debt can actually reset the clock on your debt, making it live longer than it needs to.

That’s where the Massachusetts Laborers Legal Service Fund can help you! Before you make a payment on an old debt and reset the clock, contact our team of legal professionals to understand your options and reset the clock.

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