How to Keep Your Hours on Track

Published On: September 22, 2023

Staying on top of your hours worked is a crucial part of ensuring you get the full benefits you’ve earned at work. The number of hours you’ve worked affects everything from your retirement savings to health and welfare benefits to your eligibility for free legal support. 

Your employer is the one responsible for reporting your hours to the benefit funds, but by staying on top of them, you can catch reporting errors early and protect yourself.

Here are some simple steps to stay on top of your hours:

  • Save Your Stubs — Keep your pay stubs somewhere secure with your other important records. If your employer has improperly tracked your hours or there’s a reporting error, your pay stubs can be used as evidence to show the correct number of hours you worked.

  • Check Your Hours Regularly — You can review the hours you’ve worked online at our website. By looking up your hours regularly, you can make sure your hours have been reported correctly and catch problems early. Sign in to to our member portal to check on your hours:

  • Call Us If There’s a Problem — We’re here to ensure you get the full benefits you’ve earned at work. Our auditing team can help you correct errors in your recorded hours, resolve discrepancies with contractors, and even audit employers if there are ongoing issues around hours tracking. If you notice a problem, don’t hesitate to call us at 781-272-1000.